“The Body of Music”

July 21st - July 28th 2019

a new program especially tailored for musicianS & SINGERS

This training is a one-week intensive which offers musical creators the chance to approach their music as something rooted in the physical world, full of life and movement.

Physical Theatre Training for Musicians considers musicians as physical bodies in space and offers them the opportunity to experience innovative physical tools to enhance their performances and experience a new relationship with the stage and their colleagues.

The program offers the participants the opportunity to work on their own presence, body-awareness and relationship with space using the Neutral Mask, a pedagogical resource that allows the performer to instantly connect with him- or herself and the space around them. Participants will also have the opportunity to approach their craft through theatrical training tools like chorus work and improvisation.

The aim of the workshop is to allow participants to experiment with the "geometries" of their instruments, eliminating the cliches of live performance and eliminating the improvisation techniques used in different music genres. Participants will momentarily abandon these techniques and theories, that are rightly studied at the Conservatory, in order to meaningfully re-discover them.

The workshop will culminate with an original performance created by the participants.

This program is produced in collaboration with the CollinArte teaching team, professional musicians who developed this program in 2016 after noting the similarities between theatrical and musical languages.

Registration Deadline is Saturday, June 8th, 2019


Classes are held Monday through Friday
9.00am - 1.00pm & 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Physical Theatre Training for Musicians coursework encompasses fundamental approaches to both theatre and music.
Courses include:

  • Daily warm-up and physical preparation

  • Movement classes

  • Neutral Mask

  • Chorus work (team work)

  • Ensemble Musical Improvisation

  • Theatrical Improvisation

  • Ensemble work and devised work


Dates & Deadline

MAY 10TH Scholarship application deadline

JUNE 8TH General Application deadline

JULY 21ST Sunday Meet the group @ 5.00pm

JULY 22ND Monday First day of class @ 9.00am

JULY 27TH Saturday Public performance and last day of class

JULY 28TH Sunday Closing meeting @ 11am


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Program Cost

450,00 Euros
150 Euros are due at registration as non-refundable deposit.
The remaining  amount (300 Euros) is due by JUNE 8TH 2019.
Payment must be made in Euros.

Scholarships are avaiable.

If you any question please contact: