Train your body, train your mind

  *All courses are taught in English.

*All courses are taught in English.

The School for Theatre Creators is a privately-run, independent school that accepts 15-20 students per year. Paola Coletto crafted this unique program to train a select group in practical creative tools and the mindset to succeed. Graduates of the training program are awarded an associate certificate. To sign up for The School's Training Program submit your online application now.

The experience of Italy
The essence of mask

The city of Padua and its old mask tradition is the perfect set of this six-months program that offers an intense actor’s training through the study of specific mask stiles. Masks are archetypes present throughout the history of humanity and utilized today as fundamental and powerful pedagogical tools in the training of theatre artists. When the facial expression of the performer is covered, the focus is brought back to the body as expressive and poetic tool. This experience initiates a rediscovery of the very source of the individual’s presence in space reaching an essential dimension of dramatic playing that involves the whole body with amplified and articulated gestures. Once the mask is later removed, participants are left with an enhanced physical awareness and an array of performance tools necessary to understand the world of theatre play and dramatic transposition. Mask work combines a strong emotional awareness with a powerful body alertness to create a complete training for all theatre artists, laying the foundation for work on characters for all performance genres.

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Who knew that the mask was such a powerful training tool! I watched myself and the other students completely transform from our every-day demeanor and tell amazing stories without the use of our faces. Paola is an incredibly gifted teacher with the ability to guide her students to a powerful foundational presence from which they can then create any character they choose.
— Felicia Bertch (former student)


The journey of the program initiate with the study of Neutral Mask moving to Larval Mask and Primary Mask, to the half masks of the Commedia dell’Arte and the modern day masks of the Human Comedy. During this journey participants will engage in a curriculum of theatre specialties and disciplines taught by working professionals and master teaching artists.

The development of the program is rooted on various courses of study:

  • Play & Improvisation

  • Spatial Awareness & Rhythm Work

  • Ensemble: Devising, Writing, Directing

  • Elements of Acrobatics

  • Movement Analysis & Technique

  • The 20 Movements of Jacques Lecoq.

  • Vocal Preparation

  • Research-Based Projects

A Holistic Training Program

The journey is grounded in the European tradition of Physical Theatre, which centers on body, gesture, and play. Resident faculty and visiting instructors teach a wide range of coursework, providing a uniquely comprehensive training experience. Because of the intimate class size, intensive training, and rigorous daily schedule, students form a close-knit community.

The School proposes an unorthodox training that takes participant in a fundamental journey in constant change and evolution. Classes follow a precise progression but every day is a different day and every group is a different group. The school is a place of research and celebration, where every day is new and every gesture a reinvention of the world.

we do not give solutions. 

The School provides a solid artistic platform of tools for experimentation and learning though practice, discipline and commitment.

we do not profess a method or system. 

An aim of The School is to provoke students to develop into independent artists who invent and affirm their own unique artistic journey and processes.

we help students teach themselves. 

This develops a growth mindset where no situation results in failure but only in opportunities for learning, advancing, and reinventing.


This is a transformative course, designed for actors and artists who want to explore, experiment, take risks and dedicate themselves to making great work. The School shapes artists to apply personal agency and independently support their personal artistic journeys, whatever direction they choose to take. 

Past students work in a variety of capacities including commercial acting work, original stage pieces, text-based narrative-driven theatre and writing for TV & film. This training is primarily geared toward artists in the discipline of performance but it equally benefits directors, playwrights, athletes, designers, teachers, circus artists, lawyers, dancers, choreographers, singers, musicians and also professionals. 

It is a life-changing decision. Because of the rigorous schedule and unique curriculum, The School is similar to a bootcamp or retreat for your creative career. This journey requires full commitment and disciplined focus.

If you feel you are ready to apply or are considering whether the program is right for you, feel free to contact us. You can ask questions or set up a time to talk

Professional Training Program Faculty

Paola Coletto is the Founder and Director of The School. She is one of forty students in the world have completed the pedagogical program as a teaching specialist under the French teacher Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has more than 25 years experience in teaching and leading international theatre companies. Paola is a certified personal trainer and the founder of the gym Linea e Sport, where she trained athletes for competition. In Italy, 

Ned Brauer teaches Play & Movement Studies at The School. He is a performing artist, a founding member of Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey and a member of the Actors' Gang in Los Angeles. Ned is a graduate of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in France and the London Academy of Dramatic Art, in England.

Barabao Teatro’s ensemble will alternate their presence to tech the most energetic and inspiring movement classes.
Barabao Teatro’s members are all trained at LISPA - International School of Performing Arts in London
Romina Ranzato resident actress, co-founder and artistic director
Ivan di Noia resident actor and co-founder
Cristina Ranzato resident actress
Mirco Trevisan resident actor


"I took Paola’s full-time program and my career blossomed before my eyes. I booked more acting jobs and found the truth in my performance."

— Juzo Yoshida, Actor and Improviser, JETZO 

Daily Schedule

Classes take place Monday through Friday from 8.45am to 2.30pm with 1 hour lunch brake.

Important Dates

January 7th 2020: first day of school
Saturday March 23rd through Sunday March 31st: mid term brake
Monday April 1st: school resume
Saturday June 22nd: last day of school

Program Cost

Contact us for financial information about the program

How to Apply



  • CV outlining details of your artistic experience

  • Letter of motivation telling why you want to pursue an education at The School

  • Two letters of recommendation from a former teacher, director, workshop leader or colleague

  • Recent Photo

  • Photocopy of valid ID


We will contact you to schedule your one-on-one Skype interview with Director Paola Coletto.