Wherever your creative path takes you, this is where it begins.


The School's founder and director, Paola Coletto, is one of forty students in the world to have completed the pedagogical program as a teaching specialist under the French teacher Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

The coursework at The School is grounded in the European-based tradition of physical theatre, inspired by and rooted in the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, but many different experiences and approaches have brought The School to its current form: a laboratory for artistic and personal research aiming to develop the creative side of each individual participant, provoking and stimulating them to become independent performers able to forge and affirm their own unique artistic path. 

Stemming from the founder’s professional sports background, actors at The School are viewed as athletes on the field of creation, with an equal need for consistent training, exercising the tools of body and mind, in order to become sophisticated players.

Where we are

We are located in the historic city center of Padua (Padova), a northern Italian city with a vast cultural and artistic heritage. Padua and the history of theatre are also deeply enmeshed not only because it is the birthplace of Commedia dell’Arte but also because after World War II, the University of Padua became an extraordinary laboratory of theatre research, attracting artistic masters like Jaques Lecoq, Amleto Sartori, Dario Fo, to name few, creating the foundation for the renaissance that would later change the course of European theatre. See our page that's dedicated to Padua and its relationship with theatre, while getting to know more about this unique city.

What we offer


A six-month Professional Training Program centered around the use of masks as a tool for creative inquiry and professional development. Through exploration, experimentation, rigorous physical training and creative problem solving, the training at the School creates a solid foundation to support the future work of the artist.

A Summer Intensive for Theatre Educators created specifically for teachers. This three-week program gives educators the opportunity to experience firsthand the transformative power of mask work while providing them with innovative exercises and new perspectives to enhance their curriculum.

A Summer Theatre Training for Musicians, a NEW program especially tailored for musicians and singers. This one-week intensive aims to provide participants with innovative tools for their performances while experiencing a new relationship with their instruments and the stage.

Short and Longterm Physical Theatre Workshops are offered worldwide. These workshops provide short & long-term training opportunities using a physical theatre approach to specific theatre styles over various time frames.

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